It’s Time To Stand Up To Predators!

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by Alex Chaparro

By day, I’m a real estate broker in Chicago where I specialize in REO listings. Like those of you who are also working in this space, part of what comes with the job is often the unpleasant task of advising delinquent homeowners that it’s time to leave their homes. The offer: financial incentives for relocation or more commonly known as “cash for keys.”

This week during one of those visits I encountered a Latino homeowner, who emphatically claimed that he had hired a “professional” firm to negotiate a loan modification for him after the foreclosure sale. I knew from the paperwork I had in hand that it was too late for any modification to help this client save his home. The trouble was that he had paid a firm $1,500 cash to help him. They promised him they would save his family’s home.

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NAHREP Members: You don’t want Arizona’s climate of hate in your town!

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by Gail Buck

For anyone who lives outside Arizona, the state’s controversial immigration law is probably just a current event that gets debated over drinks with friends. Unless you’ve been subjected to prejudice for who you are, this is a subject that’s easy to dismiss with all the other bad things that are happening in the world today.

It’s a different story for Latinos living in Arizona, however. Long before Governor Brewer signed the immigration law, the air of fear and bigotry toward Latinos existed. The now infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his posse of vigilantes have seen to that. The culture of prejudice these people have created here is something you don’t ever want to experience in your hometown. Trust me on this. The new law has only emboldened them and licensed their actions. Any dark skinned person here is fair game.

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