President’s Message

Hi NAHREP friends,

I am excited for you to be here and get to know NAHREP—or as I call them, mi familia—a little bit more. NAHREP is much more than your typical trade organization. We are an organization that focuses on bringing value to our members in a holistic way. You’ll see evidence of this throughout our website, from the thoughtful topics for the events, the networking opportunities, and opportunities for finding your next mentor, to the videos explaining how policies and regulations being passed affect our livelihood and that of our community. We provide our members with countless resources, because our mission is to truly empower and educate the real estate professionals who increase Hispanic homeownership and strengthen communities.

Especially during this critical time, our National Advocacy Committee (NAC) is more important than ever as a committee that focuses on making sure policy makers take Latino issues into account when they are forming policies. When running a growing successful business, creating wealth and living our American Dream, we need to understand that policies and regulations on a local and national level will affect them. It is our responsibility to understand those regulations and policies that are being passed that will affect our livelihood and our paths to success. That’s why having a committee of successful professionals providing a voice for our interest is so important.

COVID-19 seems to have thrown us all for a loop. I’m proud to say that our members turned to us to look for resources, knowledge and mentorship on how to not only survive this pandemic, but thrive (and help those around us thrive as well). Our chapters have been delivering outstanding events designed to strengthen our members professionally, as well as personally. You will find resources that help you level up your marketing, running your business, to hiring and everything needed for sales mastery—and all done while celebrating our culture!

Welcome to NAHREP!

Sara Rodriguez
2020-2021 NAHREP President