Congressional District Rankings by Hispanic Homeownership Rate

The following tool ranks congressional districts by their Hispanic homeownership rate in comparison to the rest of the state and the nation. In order to exclude outliers, we have excluded any congressional district with a Hispanic population making up less than 5%.


  • Excluding districts in Puerto Rico, the highest Hispanic homeownership rates (65%+) mostly come from suburban neighborhoods in Arizona, Illinois and Texas. The lowest homeownership rates (below 30%) mostly come from urban neighborhoods in California, Massachusetts and New York.
  • The top five districts where Latinos outperform the overall market IL-1 (Bobby Rush), TX-30 (Eddie Johnson), TX-1 (Louie Gohmert), IL-7 (Danny Davis), IL 2 (Robin Kelly).
  • The top five districts with the lowest Latino homeownership rate relative to the district’s general homeownership rate. MA-9 (Bill Keating), MA-4 (Jake Auchincloss), MA-1 (Richard Neal), CT-2 (Joe Courtney), CT-1 (John Larson)
  • The top five districts where Latino homeownership is rising fastest are TN-7 (Mark Green), AR-4 (Bruce Wasterman), GA-6 (Lucy McBath), AL-6 (Gary Palmer), GA-10 (Jody Hice).
  • The five districts where Latino homeownership is falling fastest are PA-10 (Scott Perry), PA-6 (Chrissy Houlahan), TX-3 (Nicholas Taylor), HI-1 (Ed Case), MA-4 (Jake Auchincloss).

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