NAHREP Releases Hispanic Homeownership Rates by Congressional Districts

Andrew Garbarino’s (NY-2), Bobby Rush’s (IL-1) and Teresa Leger Fernandez’s (NM-3) Congressional districts lead the nation in Hispanic homeownership rates

SAN DIEGO— 12 May 2021—The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals® released an addendum to its 2020 State of Hispanic Homeownership Report today which measures Hispanic homeownership by U.S. congressional district, allowing constituents, advocates, policy makers, and lending and housing professionals to evaluate district performance at a glance.

“Hispanic homeownership is vital to economic strength of local communities across the nation and is predicted by housing experts to account for 70% of homeownership growth over the next 20 years,” said 2021 NAHREP President Sara Rodriguez. “NAHREP’s tool provides a never-before-seen view of Hispanic homeownership that can be useful to policy makers and housing advocates.”

Homeownership is one of the most accessible vehicles for building generational wealth and a key indicator of community resiliency. Members of Congress whose districts’ Latino homeowners dramatically underperform the market need to be more attentive to homeownership issues. The NAHREP Hispanic Homeownership by Congressional District Tool uses 2019 census data, the latest congressional district level data available through the United States Census Bureau.


  • Excluding districts in Puerto Rico, the highest Hispanic homeownership rates (65%+) mostly come from suburban neighborhoods in Arizona, Illinois and Texas. The lowest homeownership rates (below 30%) mostly come from urban neighborhoods in California, Massachusetts and New York.
  • The top five districts where Latinos outperform the overall market IL-1 (Bobby Rush), TX-30 (Eddie Johnson), TX-1 (Louie Gohmert), IL-7 (Danny Davis), IL 2 (Robin Kelly).
  • The top five districts with the lowest Latino homeownership rate relative to the district’s general homeownership rate. MA-9 (Bill Keating), MA-4 (Jake Auchincloss), MA-1 (Richard Neal), CT-2 (Joe Courtney), CT-1 (John Larson)
  • The top five districts where Latino homeownership is rising fastest are TN-7 (Mark Green), AR-4 (Bruce Wasterman), GA-6 (Lucy McBath), AL-6 (Gary Palmer), GA-10 (Jody Hice).
  • The five districts where Latino homeownership is falling fastest are PN-10 (Scott Perry), PN-6 (Chrissy Houlahan), TX-3 (Nicholas Taylor), HI-1 (Ed Case), MA-4 (Jake Auchincloss).

NAHREP’s online tool will be updated annually and allows for easy search and sorting of data across 343 congressional districts. The NAHREP Hispanic Homeownership by Congressional District Tool also includes each district’s median Hispanic income and Hispanic population as a percentage of overall population. It excludes any congressional district with a Hispanic population of less than 5%.

Use the NAHREP Hispanic Homeownership by Congressional District Tool today on the NAHREP website.

About NAHREP: The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals®, a nonprofit 501(c)6 trade association, is dedicated to advancing sustainable homeownership for the Hispanic community in America. NAHREP has a network of over 40,000 real estate professionals and 100 local chapters nationwide, hosting several national events per year and publishing multiple industry cornerstone reports annually. Join us in advocating for policies that grow sustainable Latino homeownership, read our 2021 policy priorities here.


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