• NAHREP Top 250 Latino Agents Award
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The listing of the Top 250 Latino Agents in America is compiled through broker-affirmed self-nomination reflective of transaction sides closed during the previous calendar year. Nominations for the award open in early January. Agents are encouraged to nominate themselves and any deserving agents for the honor. To be eligible, agents are required to submit residential closed transaction sides and volume in order to rank against other nominees. Residential is defined as dwellings with four or fewer units, excluding rental properties and commercial real estate transactions. Once received, NAHREP reviews the nominations for accuracy by validating against other available data, including MLS records and franchise data. NAHREP membership is not a prerequisite for participation or acknowledgement in the Top 250 Latino Agents & Mortgage Originators Awards.

Nominations may be disqualified or modified where third party validations is not available or consistent. In instances where there is a tie based on transaction sides, higher rank is given to agents with greater sales volume. Ethnic background is confirmed through self-attestation.


To be eligible for the 2021 Top 250 Latino Agents Award, the following criteria must be met:

  1. At least 25% of nominee's ethnic background must be of Hispanic or Latino origin
  2. Nominee must be a practicing real estate agent
  3. Data submitted must be reflective of the individual's or team's transactions for the 2020 calendar year
  4. GCI reflects at least 1% commission per transaction.

Lenders, office managers or real estate practitioners besides agents are not eligible for the award.



Teams are described as a group of real estate professionals who work and/or market themselves as one entity. Only transactions that are listed in the name of the team leader per MLS, purchase contract or other official records will count toward the team's total.


An individual agent is defined as one who closes transactions under their name per MLS, purchase contract or other official records. Please note that if an agent considers themselves as part of a team, yet closes their transactions in their own name they are eligible to submit themselves as an individual.

The NAHREP Top 250 Award and applicant list are the property of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. The NAHREP Top 250 Award applicant list is compiled solely from applications submitted to NAHREP directly from candidates and/or their colleagues. NAHREP makes a best effort verification of the accuracy of each application, but does not impliedly or actually guarantee the verification nor its results. NAHREP relies on the veracity and accuracy of the representations and information stated in the application. NAHREP reserves the right to accept or reject any application at its sole discretion. The NAHREP Top 250 List is for informational purposes only. NAHREP is exempt from liability for loss, damage and injury due directly or indirectly from its best effort verification, the NAHREP Top 250 List, or any other occurrence arising out of the NAHREP Top 250 Award as it relates to this application. Applications to the award acknowledge and agree to hold NAHREP harmless for any claims, actions, damages, costs or fees, including attorney's fees and costs, arising out of their representations and/or information that they have provided in the NAHREP Top 250 application.