“En Confianza”

NAHREP®Code of Trust Principles

NAHREP® believes clients deserve to deal with real estate and lending professionals who are experts in their field and are genuinely committed to promoting sustainable homeownership with all the clients they serve, particularly within the growing Hispanic community in the United States. By committing to abide by these principles, our members will set the standard for quality service within the real estate and lending industries.

NAHREP Members commit to

  1. Protect the consumer through ethical, professional, responsible behavior by
    1. Promoting the financial interest of their client(s) above their personal financial interest
    2. Pledging to engage in sustainable lending practices
    3. Consulting with each consumer to determine their individual housing needs
    4. Supporting housing related resources and protection for the consumer and industry professional

  2. Ensure full disclosure and protect consumer choice by
    1. Supporting practices that enable servicing the Hispanic consumer in their preferred language, English or Spanish
    2. Ensuring Hispanic consumers receive all relevant information they need to make the right choices for their personal and financial needs with respect to home, loan and closing service products
    3. Ensuring Hispanic consumers fully understand their choices and options which must be exercised during the contingency period of their purchase contract
    4. Pledging to honor the letter and the intended spirit of the Real Estate Services Procedures Act (RESPA)
    5. Supporting a level playing field for all real estate professionals by consistently disclosing all fees within the good faith estimate time period and ensuring clients understand their choices related to the purchase of real property

  3. Accountability by
    1. Committing to professional standards in conducting business with the Hispanic consumer to ensure a thorough understanding of applicable state and federal laws
    2. Maintaining applicable licenses in the state or jurisdiction where they do business
    3. Disclosing any affiliated business relationship
    4. Reporting situations of abusive or predatory practices to the appropriate governing bodies
    5. Agreeing to adhere to Fair Housing Laws and Fair Housing-Related Presidential Executive Orders as administered and enforced by the US. Department of Housing and Urban Development