Politics: 7 Ways to Get Involved Now

“As the Latino community continues to evolve in this country, it is important that we demonstrate to the country and the world how vital our vote and our positions are on various issues.” — NAHREP Co-Founder and CEO Gary Acosta

Get involved in politics by expressing your concerns and voting. No role is more important to our democracy than that of a citizen, and we have the power to create change if all of us vote. Talk to people you know about why voting is personally important to you, and why they should also vote. Vote for yourself, your community and for those who can’t.

NAHREP’s Policy Positions

Get familiar with NAHREP’s current policy positions, which are unveiled annually at the NAHREP National Convention & Housing Policy Summit.  NAHREP evaluates its position on a number of key policy issues that have a direct impact on the association’s ability to accomplish its mission of sustainable Hispanic homeownership. Policy positions for 2020 include housing inventory, access to credit, and immigration reform.

Politics and Homeownership in the U.S.

Whether or not the average homeowner realizes it, politics is the most important factor influencing the price of real estate, affecting the state of the economy, the level of interest rates, the nature of demographics, and a host of other variables that ultimately determine a property’s value. Politics is inextricably linked with all these issues, impacting such things as the level of employment, the cost of borrowing, the direction of immigration, and degree of consumer confidence.