Politics: 7 Ways to Get Involved Now

If you have, by some miracle, managed to avoid all manner of news lately, you might be surprised to know that there was a U.S. presidential election in full swing. Even if you are aware of it, you may be reluctant to get involved or just not sure where to start. I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that you vote for one candidate over the other, but I would like to make a few suggestions for getting in on some of that political action.


NAHREP’s 2018 Policy Positions

Get familiar with NAHREP’s current policy statement, which was unveiled at the 2018 Housing Policy & Hispanic Lending Conference in February. Annually, NAHREP evaluates its position on a number of key policy issues which have a direct impact on the association’s ability to accomplish its mission of sustainable Hispanic homeownership. In 2018, access to affordable mortgage credit is of critical importance that NAHREP is compelled to issue a Call to Action to regulators and policymakers.


Politics and Homeownership in the U.S.

Whether or not the average homeowner realizes it, politics is the most important factor influencing the price of real estate, affecting the state of the economy, the level of interest rates, the nature of demographics, and a host of other variables that ultimately determine a property’s value. Politics is inextricably linked with all these issues, impacting such things as the level of employment, the cost of borrowing, the direction of immigration, and degree of consumer confidence.