Living Beneath Your Means: The Foundation of Financial Independence

The concept of living beneath your means is so simple that it’s virtually “old school”. There’s nothing high-minded about it and no product to sell to help make it happen. For that reason, it’s generally ignored in favor of more technical financial applications. And yet it is virtually the foundation of financial independence. This article takes a look at a number of different ways in which living beneath your means can virtually revolutionize your entire financial life.

10 Ways to Live Within Your Means

Put the words into action! Cutting back may be no fun, but living conservatively is an important part of staying afloat in an ever-shifting industry. When the next housing downturn is expected, are you prepared? Is there a way to make spending cuts in order to save without significantly altering your lifestyle? Or does saving money have to be synonymous with sacrifice? These ten strategies can help you find that delicate balance between fiscal responsibility and the enjoyment of your favorite lifestyle luxuries.

How to Prepare for Next Stock Market Crash

Those of who owned real estate in 2007 know exactly how it feels to see something collapse quickly.  When the U.S. housing bubble imploded, a global financial crisis began. But in fact, recessions in the United States occur on a regular basis. There are important lessons to learn before we pass through another unavoidable recession or stock market decline.  The lessons in this article will help businesses and individuals survive a tough time, and internalizing them could help each of us be more prepared for inevitable future crises.

Penny Pinching Celebrities That Live Large on a Small Budget

Hollywood is synonymous with extravagance, opulence, and over-abundance. But these celebrities exercise restraint, foresight, and budgeting when it comes to lifestyle choices, daily practices, and spending and saving habits. In fact, some may even be considered downright frugal. Celebrities, they’re just like us!