In an effort to support the Hispanic Wealth Project initiatives and expand the reach of the Wealth Disciplines to a broader audience, NAHREP has launched the NAHREP 10 Certified Trainer Program. Latinos have experienced rapid growth rates for income, education levels, labor force participation and entrepreneurial starts but have continued to lag behind the general population in regards to wealth building. Across all income brackets, Latinos under-participate in financial services, including wealth building savings and investments. NAHREP has designed the ten wealth disciplines as a roadmap to provide exposure to the knowledge and resources available for long-term financial health and wealth building potential.

Real estate professionals, in particular, are influencers within their communities. They are successful, highly networked and overall considered a resource for their friends, families and clients. By equipping the real estate professionals in NAHREP’s network as Certified Trainers, these community leaders will have both the platform and the tools to drive NAHREP 10 forward. The Hispanic Wealth Project has set a goal of tripling median household wealth by 2024 and the Certified Trainer program is how you can be a part of achieving that goal.

NAHREP 10 Certification Process:

  • Fill out the application below
  • Complete the 3-part web-based course
  • Produce a 5-minute video presenting the NAHREP 10
  • Participate in a face-to-face digital interview

NAHREP 10 Certification Commitment:

  • Participating in multiple external speaking engagements on the NAHREP 10 throughout the year.
  • Developing peer-to-peer mentorship relationships aimed at helping others set goals for improving their financial standing, public speaking skills and guiding them through their journey toward achieving the best version of themselves.
  • Platinum Membership is required to become a certified trainer.

If you are passionate about the NAHREP 10 and want to join this elite group of NAHREP leaders, apply today!

Not interested in becoming a NAHREP 10 Certified Trainer but would like to take the 3-part web-based course for educational purposes? The courses are available complimentary for Platinum Members and for a $150 fee for non-Platinum Members. Please contact to request access.

NAHREP 10 Ambassadors (From left: Gary Acosta, Luis Padilla, and Rich Hernandez)

Additional NAHREP 10 Resources

Download the NAHREP 10 and share with your network

Click on the ZIP icon to download the complete NAHREP 10 promotion package.  It contains the NAHREP 10 logo, a shareable image, and print-ready files for the NAHREP 10 Poster and NAHREP 10 Pull-up banner.

NAHREP 10 Spanish Version

Click on the ZIP icon to download the complete NAHREP 10 promotion package in Spanish. It contains the NAHREP 10 logo, a shareable image, and print-ready files for the NAHREP 10 Poster and NAHREP 10 Pull-up banner.

The NAHREP 10 Disciplines

HAVE A MATURE UNDERSTANDING OF WEALTH AND PROSPERITY because the one with the most toys usually loses

BE IN THE TOP 10% OF YOUR PROFESSION because being good is not good enough

LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS AND BE READY FOR THE NEXT RECESSION because downturns are a regular part of our economic cycles

MINIMIZE DEBT because it is the biggest enemy to wealth

INVEST AT LEAST 20% OF YOUR INCOME IN REAL ESTATE AND STOCKS because they are the best and safest ways to build wealth (investing in other businesses does not count)

KNOW YOUR NET WORTH INCLUDING THE VALUE OF YOUR BUSINESS because you can’t improve what you don’t measure

BE POLITICALLY SAVVY because public policy matters

BE PHYSICALLY FIT because wealth without health is meaningless

BE GENEROUS WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE LESS FORTUNATE because philanthropy feeds your heart and spirit and gives more purpose to your work

BE ACTIVE IN THE LIVES OF YOUR FAMILY AND CHILDREN because familia is central to who we are