Beginning in 2021, NAHREP will divide the country into six regions and establish regional Corporate Boards of Governors for each region. These boards will be comprised of former chapter presidents from the region and representatives from many of NAHREP’s national and regional corporate partners. NAHREP’s National Board of Directors will appoint a regional Chairperson to lead the board and appoint all regional corporate board governors from a pool including former chapter presidents and NAHREP corporate members and partners from the region. Regional Corporate Board of Governors members will serve a one-year term and may serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.


Nominees must be either former chapter presidents, or nominated representatives from NAHREP’s current corporate member and partner firms.

Meeting Schedule

Regional CBOGs will meet in person four times per year. Meetings will be held in conjunction with the two standing regional events, plus the NAHREP National Convention and Housing Policy Summit and the NAHREP at L’ATTITUDE event. Regional CBOGs may also meet on an ad-hoc basis via telephone or video conference.

Duties of Regional Corporate Members

The primary duties of regional CBOG members will be to
participate in board meetings that:

  1. Help organize and promote two regional events
    in the region*
  2. Advise NAHREP national on opportunities to start additional local chapters in the region
  3. Discuss and advise NAHREP national on state and local housing policy issues that are relevant to the NAHREP mission
  4. Discuss and advise NAHREP national on state and local market conditions and opportunities for their members and partners

*Each region will host two regional events per year. Each event will have a live symposium in the morning featuring subject matter experts, followed by a luncheon and an afternoon event focused on sales mastery skillsets or wealth building.

2023 Regional Partnership Tiers

CBOG Regions