Generators for Puerto Rico

Organized by: Joseph Rivera

Company: Weichert Realtor


Shortly after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico I booked a flight to the island. Primary concern is the well-being of my 83-year-old father that is wheel chair bound with severe COPD, and my 86-year-old mother who takes care of him, the home and the land. Upon my arrival and transport to their house and after seeing miles and miles of debris all over the road, I found them ill. Being home bound due to illness they had survived the last 3 days on cracker and rain water. Rushing Miami to the hospital for malnutrition and dehydration and after cooking a macaroni and spam dinner for Papi which he ate like it was filet mignon, it was apparent that there were other homebound senior in the community that were allow and hungry. I had organized a fund raiser drive prior to leaving at the local bar restaurant that was well taken care of while I was in Puerto Rico. Food collected was shipped via USPS and finally received. That food was divided up to 16 care packages and delivered to the forgotten. In addition, I hired local men and women and cleared the road and the homes of these individuals. Then I took the $2700 that were raised (certified check) and visited the town of Caguas (which was immensely destroyed due to the eye of the storm staying over it for 3 to 4 hours) and spoke to the director of finance and social services for the elderly. The donation was eventually handed over with emphasis to target assistance to these individuals. They are still in so much need.