Save the date: NAHREP Capitol Hill Visits on Thursday, March 16!

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January, 2023

Earlier this month, NAHREP met with two Congressional offices to strategize this year’s housing policy agenda. We discussed the importance of ensuring efforts to advance Latino homeownership are prioritized in upcoming legislation. While NAHREP knows the positive impacts of homeownership on Latinos and the U.S. economy, we need to make sure our political leaders are aware of this—and provide them with tangible solutions.

In order to strengthen our influence on these policy issues, we need to keep speaking up and making our voices heard. And we’re going to do just that at our Homeownership & Wealth Building Conference in DC, March 13 – 15! At this event, NAHREP hosts our annual Capitol Hill Visits where our members get a chance to meet with their representatives, share our State of Hispanic Homeownership Report, and tell real stories about what’s happening in their markets. If you are planning to join us for hill visits, mark your calendar for Thursday, March 16! We’ll be on the hill, in person for the first time since the pandemic. You can sign up by reaching out to

What is the Homeownership & Wealth Building Conference?

Previously known as the NAHREP National Convention and Housing Policy Summit, the Homeownership & Wealth Building Conference combine our driving purposes – empowering our members to unlock their wealth-building capabilities, acquire insight into today’s market, and learn about housing policy that is impacting our businesses and industry.

After the conference, members get the chance to participate in Capitol Hill visits. This is an opportunity to meet with U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, and their staff, to share NAHREP’s State of Hispanic Homeownership Report and advocate on behalf of our Policy Priorities. Last year, we successfully completed more than 50 meetings with nearly 300 NAHREP members joining virtually. It was amazing! This year, we are back to meeting in person and we are so excited for our members to get a chance to meet with their legislators face-to-face again.

How do the Capitol Hill Visits work?   

When you sign up to participate in Capitol Hill visits, NAHREP National staff will coordinate and schedule the meetings on your behalf. We will prep you ahead of time with training and talking points so you can arrive confidently knowing what to say and how to engage. The visits will be held at the Senator’s or Representative’s office and last approximately 30 minutes each.

NAHREP aims to meet with key committees and caucus that we believe have the biggest impact on our mission, including the House Financial Services Committee, the Senate Banking Committee, House Appropriations Committee, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Problem Solvers Caucus. We believe there is no greater issue facing Latinos today than housing affordability. When possible, NAHREP will set up your meeting with one these most relevant offices.

Why should you join?

Many NAHREP members who have participated in past hill visits said it’s one of their favorite experiences with NAHREP. These visits are invigorating and they are an important way that we get our message out about our mission.

We know that Latinos are a driving force in the economy. The Latino youth, high workforce participation, and unwavering commitment to homeownership attainment ensure that future growth in the homebuyer market remains largely dependent on the Latino population. In that same vein, the Urban Institute predicts that Latinos will account for 70 percent of homeownership growth over the next 20 years. However, this projection is not guaranteed. Housing affordability challenges and access to credit barriers need to be solved and that is where we come in. We need YOU to make sure our elected officials learn more about Latino homeownership and ways they can support.

We cannot wait to see you at the conference and gather together to advance our mission and be part of something bigger than ourselves. Ponganse listos y let’s show Washington what we’re made of!

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About NAHREP’s National Advocacy Committee

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals® (NAHREP®) advocates on behalf of its network of 50,000 real estate professionals and Hispanic homeowners nationwide. NAHREP focuses on national and state legislative issues that are critical to its mission: to advance sustainable Hispanic homeownership.

NAHREP firmly believes every individual who desires to become a homeowner and can sustain a mortgage should be granted access to a piece of the American Dream. To that end, we are focused on three main priorities: Housing Inventory, Access to Credit, and Immigration. Visit our website to read more about NAHREP’s policy priorities and to get involved.