The NAHREP National Advocacy Committee is Back in NACtion for 2023!

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January, 2023

As the NAHREP National Advocacy Committee (the NAC) launches into its fourth year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come. Our very first blog was published in October of 2019, where we told you what to expect when you sign up for the NAC and take action with NAHREP. Since then, we’ve had 4,462 NAC sign ups and have sent 7,373 emails and phone calls to our legislators. That’s a big deal! And a huge credit to the work all of you have done to advance our mission.

But our work doesn’t stop here. This year, NAHREP is enhancing our NAC structure to bring more opportunities for education and training and will be expanding our advocacy platforms to act on legislation in all 50 states. How exciting!

Recuerdame, what is the National Advocacy Committee? 

The National Advocacy Committee, or the NAC, is NAHREP’s grassroots operation, designed to leverage our power and our voice to influence meaningful change from Washington D.C. to our cities. The NAC is how we communicate, get involved, and raise our voices. The NAC uses a software tool, similar to a CRM system, where our members can sign up and complete calls-to-action.

A NAC campaign or call-to-action is a request for you to email, call, or tweet at your U.S. Senator or Representative on a particular issue – and we make it REALLY easy for you. Completing a campaign from start to finish takes less than 2 minutes. While it’s very easy, it’s also very effective. If one person reaches out, the elected official may not pay attention, but if they get dozens of phone calls or emails in a short period, all about the same issue – that will get their attention. NAHREP tries to get as many people as possible to complete the campaign in a short period of time. Power in numbers!

So, what’s different this year? ¿Que ha cambiado?

We have expanded our advocacy platform to allow us to take action in all 50 states! That means not only can we weigh in on issues at the Federal Level, but we can write to our state legislators and administrations as well. This is important because there are a lot of housing policy issues happening at the state level, particularly around housing supply. If you would like to run a campaign in your state, reach out to us at for support.

Second, we will be providing more opportunities for education surrounding our policy priorities. The NAC will be hosting educational webinars for our advocates throughout the year and inviting our chapter leadership and passionate members. Stay tuned for a full calendar of events this year!

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About NAHREP’s National Advocacy Committee

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals® (NAHREP®) advocates on behalf of its network of 50,000 real estate professionals and Hispanic homeowners nationwide. NAHREP focuses on national and state legislative issues that are critical to its mission: to advance sustainable Hispanic homeownership.

NAHREP firmly believes every individual who desires to become a homeowner and can sustain a mortgage should be granted access to a piece of the American Dream. To that end, we are focused on three main priorities: Housing Inventory, Access to Credit, and Immigration. Visit our website to read more about NAHREP’s policy priorities and to get involved.