Introduced by NAHREP CEO Gary Acosta early in January, the NAHREP 10 is a series of principles designed to help members create wealth in all aspects of their lives. It is the association’s commitment to the Hispanic Wealth Project (HWP) and the goals outlined in the HWP Blueprint. The principles will play a huge part in the next twelve months as the organization focuses in on each as subject matter for national and chapter events. Over the course of the year, the tenets will lead our members to success in their personal and professional lives. To be a successful organization, it is important that NAHREP is clear about what we stand for and these principles encompass what it means to be a member. The association looks forward to working with our chapters and leaders in 2016 to make these principles a practical part of your lives. Download a copy of the NAHREP 10 and share with your friends and family.