With a heart of hope, NAHREP stands in support of those affected this past month from the recent natural disasters: Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Maria and the three earthquakes that hit Mexico within weeks of one another, killing hundreds. We are eager to share our commitment below and encourage you all to get involved.

  1. Relief Effort Fundraising: NAHREP is committed to raising $100,000, with an initial $25,000 generated by direct personal donations from the board of directors and senior management. NAHREP will not handle any donated funds and has chosen to direct fundraising to relief efforts being coordinated by the American Red Cross and UNICEF. These charities were selected because of their credibility, and their ability to monitor the situation and determine the most appropriate actions and needs at any given time. Members can donate directly through a CrowdRise campaign by visiting nahrep.org/relief.
  1. Strategic Committee Input: NAHREP has additionally organized two special committees which will remain intact through 2018. They will be responsible for ongoing assessment of the need for support in both Puerto Rico and Mexico.
  1. Travel Delegations: When it’s safe an appropriate to do so, NAHREP will send delegations to Puerto Rico and Mexico to identify other sources of need and make an assessment about how else NAHREP and its members may be of support. Delegates will fund their own participation in any trip to either PR or MX. Any NAHREP members who wish to participate in either trip, can register their interest online at nahrep.org/relief