We had an amazing team at the 2018 Wealth Conference in Miami who spearheaded a L’ATTITUDE Rally on the last day of the event. The turnout was amazing, with everyone sporting their new L’ATTITUDE t-shirts, pumping up the crowd, and helping to spread the word.

The team, now known as L’ATTITUDE Ambassadors, continues to spread the word and are helping to reach a record number of registered attendees. You’ll be seeing articles, videos, photos, and posts on your social media feeds, will hear of local rallies happening in your area, and may even be interested in joining the cause yourself. The first of four set rallies will start in Los Angeles – if you want to know more, reach out to us at (858) 622-9046.

To all of you supporting this movement, we can’t thank you enough. Your passion and dedication will make a difference in thousands of lives this year, and we can only fathom how far the reach will go in next years. We’re honored to have you part of the NAHREP familia.

For more information on the NAHREP National Convention at L’ATTITUDE, visit the site at nahrep.org/convention.