Chapters got hyped across the nation with L’ATTITUDE rallies in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego and Houston! NAHREP national leadership spoke at each event, explaining what L’ATTITUDE is, and why it’s the next evolution of NAHREP.

“We needed to go around the country and have a series of conversations, because this is a really special event,” said Co-Founder & CEO Gary Acosta. L’ATTITUDE is a business and media event for the “Latino Factor”, the U.S. Latino population that is a powerhouse of purchase ability, political capital, and innovation. L’ATTITUDE is a unique space that celebrates these contributions and provides a platform for burgeoning leaders to scale.

“This is a convention that people will be talking about not just inside, but outside of NAHREP, at the highest levels of business and government. This is a gamechanger. And I don’t say that lightly.”

L’ATTITUDE is about empowering participants to reach their highest potential. “NAHREP wants to move from helping our membership make deals and grow, to a higher level of creating wealth and understanding what wealth is,” shared 2018 NAHREP President Daisy Lopez-Cid.

We’d like to commend the two stellar NAHREP business rallies that took place in July! NAHREP Texas Plano Garland hosted their very successful business rally on July 12th, shortly followed by San Antonio’s own business rally held on July 18th.

Lastly, bienvenidos to our new local chapters in Melbourne, North Orlando, and Tulare! We’re excited to have you join the NAHREP familia.