The Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI), a collaboration between Stanford University and Latino Business Action Network (LBAN), is currently accepting applicants to their scaling program. Research from Stanford reinforces that only 2% of our Latino entrepreneurial ecosystem is scaled (over $1 Million in annual gross revenues).  LBAN is doing something to move the needle with this dismal statistic by recruiting these “top 2%ers” to participate in the Stanford scaling program.

The Stanford scaling program, offered twice per year, attracts approximately 250 applicants and admits 80 per cohort (160 annually).  Participants originate from all over the country. To qualify, a Latina or Latino entrepreneur must generate over $1 Million in annual gross revenues and/or must have raised over $500,000 in external sources of funds.

To date, the six cohorts (432 entrepreneurs) trained come from 30 different states, employ over 20,000 people and have generated over $1.5 Billion in combined annual revenue.  LBAN’s goal by 2022 is to have over 1,000 graduates from the scaling program.  To apply contact Mark Madrid, CEO, at