Bank of America announced last month that all content from their free financial education platform Better Money Habits® is now available in Spanish, empowering users to make sense of their money and take steps to improve their personal finances.

“We heard from our partners and communities that Better Money Habits content and tools in Spanish would help more individuals and families have the power to build their financial know-how and achieve their goals,” said Andrew Plepler, global head of Environmental, Social and Governance at Bank of America. “By offering easy-to-understand Better Money Habits resources in Spanish, we can help ease some of the biggest stressors Americans report having about their money.”

In addition, new research from Bank of America revealed Hispanic-Latino Americans prioritize proactive financial habits, like tracking expenses and budgeting, at similar and higher rates than non-Hispanics. Fifty-three percent of Hispanic-Latino Americans say they track their expenses every month, and 31 percent plan and stick to their budget every month (compared to 48 and 24 percent of non-Hispanics, respectively). However, Latinos still want to learn more about personal finances – 84 percent of Hispanic-Latino Americans say they’d like to learn more about topics like home ownership, investing, saving and retirement, compared to 69 percent of non-Hispanics.

To learn more, read the full press release here.