On March 7th NAHREP’s national policy team traveled to Las Vegas for a meetup with local NAHREP leaders from key Congressional districts. The group, currently known as the National Advocacy Committee, had a full-day working meeting discussing goals for the next year. The day was finished off with style as a celebrity chef from the Food Network came and cooked for the committee.

The committee is a key component of the expansion of NAHREP’s advocacy efforts over the last year, along with the hiring of Noerena Limón as SVP Public Policy & Industry Relations and Jaimie Owens’ new role as Senior Policy Analyst. Committee members are NAHREP leaders from districts whose representatives NAHREP wants to build strong relationships with.

These key representatives sit on the House Financial Services committee or the Senate Banking committee, where most legislation that impacts housing is introduced, or represent a district with a high Latino population (or are Latino themselves.) Ultimately, Limón wants the National Advocacy Committee to get key representatives engaged and involved with their local NAHREP chapters on an intimate level. One strategy is inviting representatives to speak at local NAHREP chapter events, where representatives will walk away with a strong impression of the potential and power of NAHREP’s member body.

The National Advocacy Committee is made up of the national policy team and NAHREP leaders Nora Aguirre, Alex Mosquera, Joe Nery, Joe Castillo, Joel Rivera, Denisse Roldan Newell, Gay-Lynn Barnes, Lucy Gúzman, Neily Soto, Oscar Guerra, Josie Anderson, Rachel Briseño Bruno, Nancy Vargas Johnson, Justine Jimenez-Garcia, and Rich Hernandez.