NAHREP Virtual Events FAQ

Q: Are these the same virtual events that the chapters are doing?

A: No, these are NAHREP National Virtual Events. The chapters will be hosting their own virtual events on their chapter Facebooks and will send out information about them ahead of time.

Q: Are NAHREP National Virtual Events free? Do I have to be a NAHREP member?

A: The NAHREP National Virtual Events are all free and open to everyone. You do not have to be a NAHREP member to take part.

Q: Where do I register for the NAHREP National Virtual Events?

A: No need to register, simply visit and you’ll be able to view all available events. Live releases will take place on the NAHREP Facebook, we encourage you to participate in the conversation!

Q: How is a “live release” different than a regular NAHREP National Virtual Event?

A: Live releases are interactive in a way our regular events aren’t! NAHREP will host the live release event over Facebook Live, so you’ll be able to comment and react as it happens! We’ll take the event recording from the livestream and post it to the website afterwards. Visit us on Facebook at

Q: My internet is having issues playing the video. How do I fix this?

A: Make sure you don’t have other windows and programs running at the same time, as those can slow your computer down. You can also move closer to the router, shut down other devices that are using the same internet, or use a different browser.