NAHREP Statement on the Creation of the American Latino Museum

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals® (NAHREP®) is ecstatic by the inclusion of the National Museum of the American Latino Act in the COVID-19 stimulus package.

Latinos have been a critical component of our nation’s history since its inception. For example, the economic contribution alone of the nation’s growing and youthful Latino population is estimated at $2.6 trillion GDP, making it the eighth largest GDP in the world. For the past two decades, Latinos have held the highest labor force participation rate, fueling the nation with the necessary workforce to stay competitive in the world. The housing market has played a critical role in the economic recovery of every major U.S. economic downturn of the last five decades. Latinos have accounted for over 50% of homeownership growth over the past decade, as the future of this nation.

As we recover from the COVID-19, Latinos have been on the front lines, acting as essential workers while being disproportionately impacted by the economic and health ramifications of this pandemic. There is no greater time than now to celebrate the accomplishments of our Latino community.

“We want to thank all of the women and men who have worked to make this museum a reality for the past 25 years. A special thanks to Senator Bob Menendez and U.S. Representative Tony Cardenas for championing this bill in Congress. We look forward to the day when we take our next generation of young Latinos to the nation’s capital to see their stories reflected in our nation’s premier museum and inspire the next generation of leaders that will shape the world as we know it,” said 2020 NAHREP President Sara Rodriguez.

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals® (NAHREP®), a nonprofit 501(c)6 trade association, is dedicated to advancing sustainable homeownership for the Hispanic community in America. NAHREP has over 40,000 real estate professional members and 100 local chapters nationwide.

Press Contact:
Katherine Wood

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