San Diego Top 250 Educational Event

NAHREP San Diego hosted the Facebook Your Way into the Top 250 educational event on January 26. The sold out event featured NAHREP’s Jason Riveiro who presented social media tips and Top 250 agent Elmer Morales who gave his insight on making it to the list. Topics of discussion included daily routines for peak production and capitalizing on lead generation on a small budget.

HWP Investors Retreat: Creating 1,000 NAHREP Millionaires

Latinos have made great strides on income gains in the U.S., outpacing all other demographics, yet still have average household wealth of only one-tenth that of non-Hispanic White households. The HWP Investor’s Retreat aims to provide top tier practitioners with tools to close the wealth gap by focusing on two issues: mindset on wealth (the WHY) and strategies necessary to achieve this goal (the HOW). Learn the techniques and strategies live from prolific investor and philanthropist Foster Stanback.

A Message from the Chairman

¡Feliz año nuevo, NAHREP familia!

NAHREP and I extend a heartfelt thank you to our members, supporters, and contributors for their unwavering dedication to the association and to the mission we all stand behind: sustainable Hispanic homeownership in our communities. 2016 has yet again been a milestone year for NAHREP, with an expansion of the local Chapter network, unprecedented growth of the membership base, and more attendees at the National Convention than ever before. At NAHREP National, we are immensely proud of what we have accomplished together.

NAR’s at Home with Diversity

Diversity has always been a defining characteristic of the U.S., a country built by people of all backgrounds and circumstances. Over the past few decades, however, the melting pot of America has been bubbling over with multicultural growth, a trend that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. This diversity boom brings a vast…